Sunday, 26 April 2015

A to Z of Me: U


Unpopular Opinions – I have a lot of them. Just as an example of the beauty ones; I don’t get the Zoella hype, or Tanya Burr, or a lot of the big youtubers to be honest. Nor do I get the Naked palette thing, or MAC hype. I used to have a MAC eyeshadow, I sold it… And one non-beauty – I don’t really understand the Disney obsession (the princess etc one, I’m all for Avengers/Marvel love, and maybe Star Wars if they don’t screw it up), I mean I liked the films as a kid? I kinda like some of the newer ones, but mostly I’m not bothered (and I have never seen Frozen, nor do I want to, and that Let it Go song… I won’t say what I want to do to that). Ps. I don’t like Friends either.

Unique – there are lots of things that make me different, but I don’t think they make me unique. However there are a couple of things I think make me pretty unique. For starters I have a wonky ribcage, one side sticks out more than the other. It’s very hard to explain, but one side sticks out way more at the bottom. I never broke them (someone asked once), I was just born like this. It’s kinda cool, but also the bottom of my ribcage sticks out nearly as much as my boobs and it makes corset wearing uncomfortable. It’s probably not unique at all really, but I’ve never met anyone like that.

Undecided – really it should be indecisive but I ran out of I’s. I’m terrible at making decisions. If you ever want to keep me busy panicking then try to make me decide between two or more things, or pick sides. I can’t do decisions.

Unicorn – “You fell in love with a unicorn. It was beautiful, then sad, then sadder. I laughed, I cried, I puked in my mouth a little.” I don’t have one. Not sure I ever will. Not sure I even believe in them.

(U's are hard, darnit)

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