Monday, 20 April 2015

Random Perfume Reviews

So I have a few short reviews of various scents I grabbed from an IMAM destash, much thanks to /u/aumerle. As always I'm a) terrible at picking out scent notes and b) skin chemistry can wildly affect the scents you pick up and the longevity of fragrances. So your milage may vary.

Sixteen92 Black Forest Hot Chocolate: Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, vanilla, cherry, and whipped cream
In the vial it's all boozy chocolate, but wet on skin the cherry scent comes out and I get chocolate cherry with a shot of liquer lingering behind it. As it dries down I get chocolate and cherry sweets. Sadly it doesn't last long on me, after a couple of hours I could just smell a kind of baby powder smell if I sniffed my wrist really hard. But that could have been anything to be honest. There wasn't very much sillage which really sucked, but I still love it.
This was part of the limited Christmas range but you can buy other Sixteen92 scents here

House of Gloi Eggnoggin: Cream, sugar and a shot of dark rum topped with fresh grated nutmeg. 
In the vial I get the creamy spicy smell I kind of remember from that glass off eggnog (non-alcoholic) I tried in the states last year. Wet on skin it maintains that sweet creamy smell with a sting of something behind it, which might be a tang of alcohol. As it dries it starts to smell like plastic, darn. It fades pretty fast after that.
You can buy Eggnoggin for yourself here

Wild Hybrid Cardiac Arrest: Four vanillas, white and brown sugars, butterscotch, caramel, honey, coconut, dark roasted coffee, red wine and pipe tobacco.
This one is very complex. In the vial you get a lot of the alcohol smell. Wet on skin I mostly get coffee, with some honey and a sting of something sharp and solventy behind it which might well be the alcohol note. There is a definite grape smell there somewhere. I get plenty of honey spice and tobacco as dries, this one lasts a while.
You can pick up Cardiac Arrest here

Alkemia Vanille Amour: A beguilingly spicy, delightfully sexy blend of Madagascar and Tahitian vanillas and Tonka in with a warm melange of ancient Ottoman trade spices including cardamon, ginger, and Grains of Paradise. 
In the vial it smells like alcoholic vanilla extract. Skin vanilla extract and something artificial and pot pourri ish. Pot pourri dies down to spices fast.
You can buy Vanille Amour here

One Hand Washes the Other Hayrides and Hijinks
This one was a really kind freebie from /u/aumerle and is a solid perfume. The solid in pot smells like honey and hay and plastic. On the skin it pretty much transfers to the same kind of smell, though there's much less plastic on the skin than in the pot.
OHWTO can be found here, I think Hayrides and Hijinks was a limited scent? It's not on there anyway.

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