Sunday, 19 April 2015

A to Z of Me: T


Television – I am somewhat of a TV addict. The number of shows I try to keep up with on the regular is ridiculous, my sidereel account is a list of shame. I do manage to get exercise and try to have some kind of life outside TV, but when you're alone and isolated then sometimes TV is the best you can do.

Travel – my mum travels a lot for her job and I've been lucky enough to get to travel with her a few times, especially as a kid when my sister and I weren't old enough to be left alone at home we would often travel out during school holidays (other times we stayed at my grandparents). I've been to a lot of amazing places Rome (as a baby, I don’t remember), Paris, Lake Como, Toronto, Niagra Falls, Chicago, Lake Michigan, Florida, San Diego… lots of places. Plus as much as I can’t sleep on planes (unless, I have learnt recently, I am very drunk) I really like long flights. Doubly so when there are good movies on. Mum’s travelling has other bonuses as well, she has so many airmiles and hotel points we get to go on holiday and stay in hotels for essentially free (I’ll be spending a few days in New York after my conference in May with mum entirely on her Holiday Inn points), plus she’s one of the top tier reward members in a lot of places so we get access to the airport lounges and the Concierge Lounge in the Marriott if we’re with her.

Tentacles – I’m weirdly fascinated with tentacles, you might have guessed from my diatribe on how awesome Octopi are. They just look really cool and they’re so useful and clever. Seriously tentacles are awesome. Feel free to insert your own “meanwhile in Japan…” jokes here.

Times Tables – fun fact, I STILL struggle with my 6, 7 and 8 times tables. I seem to have a mental block with them in general, believe me I studied for hours after school and we used to do them forwards and backwards every day in class. I just suck.

Time – or rather, being on time. I almost never am. If it’s something like an appointment or exam then I’m usually suuuuper early, if it’s something I don’t have to be on time for, I’m usually late. I’m trying to do better but it’s kind of part of me now.

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  1. When you first said "Times Tables" I read time tables. Hehe. I also struggle with my times tables by the way.


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