Sunday, 3 May 2015

A to Z of Me: V


Vodka – vodka is my tipple of choice, mixed with Pepsi Max preferably. Actually the first alcohol I drank (aside from stealing my grandads beer as a baby) was VKD which were vodka based alcopops. I drank a lot of Bacardi in college as well, and since then can't drink it really without feeling ill. Oops. So now I mostly just drink vodka with diet mixers.

Veterinarian – when I was much younger I wanted to be a Vet. I actually did my first work experience in year 9 or 10 (whenever they sent you) at a local vet surgery. Mostly I did paperwork, made tea and cleaned but I did get to see a few surgeries happen and such. It was a cool experience but I have neither the brains nor the ability to deal with non-blood based bodily fluids to have continued pursuing it.

Vegetables – I love vegetables, I really do. I'll happily heap my plate high with broccoli and carrots and asparagus and mushrooms long before I even think about adding proteins or anything. Granted it's not that great calorie wise any more when you realise just how much vegetable is on there, but I'm getting some of my five a day!

Vampires – My most favourite horror trope creature of all, unless they sparkle *grumble*. I like my vampires dark and bloodthirsty and vicious. But yes, if something has vampires and looks good then I am all in!

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