Monday, 18 May 2015

Wales Comic Con

On the 23rd April I went out to Wrexham to go to Wales Comic Con Part 1, mostly because Matt Ryan was there and I’m a bit of a Constantine fan (and a bit of a Matt Ryan fan…). It wasn’t too bad, the weather stayed sunny albeit cold – I think this was just after the weather turned for the worse and there were a few things to do. I managed to keep myself entertained for a few hours, I probably would have stayed longer if I didn’t need to get back to Bolton and if I were a gamer or wanted to buy Pop Vinyls. I thought I’d share a few of my photos from the day (I’ll stick my Matt Ryan photo op on here when I get hold of it, I had to dash and a friend picked it up for me).

This was my look for the day, I can’t quite remember what I was wearing but it involved My Pretty Zombie’s Brisket and Victorian Disco Salazar. Pretty sure the brows are Anthrax from My Pretty Zombie.

The queue! I got there just before the doors opened, it actually only took me ten or fifteen minutes to get in once things started moving.

They had robots from Robot Wars! I only recognised Wheely Big Cheese, but it was still badass.

And a Transformer.

These guys were there (Chris Barrie, Norman Lovett and Robert Llwellyn from Red Dwarf) and their panel was pretty good. Kept me warm too.

There were some birds of prey from a local trust there too. They were lovely and I’d have had my photo taken holding one if I hadn’t gone alone.

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  1. OMG you seen Optimus! Jealous haha. Your makeup looked fab too :) xox


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