Monday, 15 June 2015

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1. What is the first makeup item you remember owning?
Miners Lipgloss I believe. Or some not spectacularly high quality palettes from a big set I’d have been bought at Christmas or a birthday.

2. What's the makeup item that makes the least sense to you?
I… don’t know? Lots of things don’t make sense for me, like “dewy” foundation, but they probably make sense in general. The latest “Sunlight” range from Barry M seems a bit gimmicky to me. I think I’m just out of the loop.

3. What category of products do you hate shopping for? Love shopping for?
I loathe shopping for foundation, my skin is a stupid colour with all the redness in my cheeks and super pale so I can’t ever seem to find any that fit me right and don’t look too yellow or too dark. Indie wise I’m bad at shopping for perfumes, mostly because I’m a dunce and know very little about notes or what smells like what, which is my fault.
I like shopping for eyeshadows and nail varnish most. Which is fairly evident when you look at my collection. Oops.

4. What products are you currently lusting after?
Genuinely can’t think of anything I’m lusting after right now makeup wise. There are a few perfumes, I’m thinking of picking up a couple of the Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Laquers, but that’s it until Barry M start their autumn releases, unless one of the indie brands drops an amazing new one.

5. What's your most recent makeup purchase?
A bright purple eyeliner pencil from Miss Sporty for filling in my brows in a rush, I rather like it. Also in the states I picked up OPI’s Nail Envy. That’s been it recently makeup wise. I did grab some perfume samples in a destash on reddit and by the time this goes live I’ll have put in an order at Smelly Yeti for scents.

6. Do you have any brand loyalties? Why?
Barry M for nail varnish, mostly because they’re really good for the price and I generally love the colours that they come out with.

7. What is your biggest makeup packaging pet peeve?
Those plastic ones that need to be cut open and then lacerate your hands to pieces when you try to get into them. Also bottles with a pump when the tube doesn’t even reach to the bottom of the bottle! Those are the worst.

8. What colours do you buy most often? 
Greens and purples. Though I’ve been on a reds and oranges kick lately. 

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