Friday, 31 July 2015

Monthly Wrap Up - July

The Good

Jurassic World.
♥ New run of Constantine at DC comics is awesome
SDCC reveals and panels and the Nerd HQ conversations! I’ve really enjoyed the Supernatural and Hannibal ones especially, not for anything groundbreaking as far as reveals or insight goes, just because they were freaking hilarious. I adore Chris Hardwick but the SPN panel was hosted by Rob Benedict and Richard Speight and putting the two of them together usually results in utter hilarity.
Vikings. I’m on Season 3 now. Obsessed much?
Whiteboards! They are Awesome :D

Awesomeness Around The Web

Abandoned Assault Course with some gorgeous photos by Crumbs in the Bed
Three Thousand, Two Hundred and Eighty Seven Days aka, greatest anniversary post ever
Don't Get Sucked in by Oil Pulling aka beauty science for you
This piece of sheer beauty, the most epic safety video ever filmed, courtesy of New Zealand.
The Lead in Lipstick is Safe or more beauty science for you
This amazing, important and also FREE comicA mortal woman and the Goddess Parvati fight against sexual violence in India and around the world in this epic vivid story involving the Hindu gods.

The Bad

x Being in hospital overnight for low potassium at the start of this month. Totally glamorous right?
x The atmosphere at my PhD. I never loved it, but now it’s a really crappy place to go into.
x My gym membership just ran out. This is way worse than it sounds, honest. (I can’t renew for a couple of weeks either, boo!)

New Things I Subscribed to This Month:

The Wanted

This gorgeous eyeshadow which I may have bought already

5 Fandom Friday - Five Fictional Pets I'd Like To Adopt

1. RAPTOR SQUAD! *ahem* Velociraptor (well, Deinonychus if we're accurate, but damnit Blue)
2. A dragon. Specifically Toothless
3. A Hellhound. One of Crowley’s,
4. A Thestral.
5. Pokemon. I can’t pick one, I could maybe narrow it down to 10 or 20. I did like Pokemon back in the day.

You may have noticed I have issues. Also no shame, none whatsoever,

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