Monday, 3 August 2015

Photo Bomb: New York Pt 1 - City Sights

So, back in May I was allowed to attend the BCC Conference in Stanford, Connecticut as part of my PhD. I did a presentation there which went okay but I’m sure was terribly dull. Anyway, as my mother actually works in the Fire Industry and was also attending BCC we decided that after the three day conference we would spend a couple of days in New York. Especially as I cut short a weekend at a convention that I paid a lot of my own money for (not bitter about missing my Jason Momoa photo op to head to the airport at ALL… *grumble*, it’s my own fault but I like to blame Steven Amell and PhD work for it anyway. One day I’ll tell you all that story maybe.)

Anyway, these are the photos I took in New York. I don’t think I’d ever go back, Central Park was amazing but in general there were far too many people and too much concrete and dear god the prices. But it was a great place to visit and see the touristy things. So that was fun.

Ah the cliché plane photos. I love them.

The Empire State Building 

Madison Square Garden

The Post Office

The NY Stock Exchange

Charging Bull

Staten Island (I think)

The Statue of Liberty

New York, New York!

Grand Central Station

The new World Trade Center

and the Memorial

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