Friday, 24 July 2015

Weekly Wrap Up vol. 2

Late coming and I still need a graphic, it's been a busy week! Still, here's the weekly wrap up. 

Awesomeness Around The Web

★ Beautiful With Brains wrote an awesome guide to conquering clutter that I really need to get working on.
★ She also wrote this great piece on enjoying the simple things
Advice for learners and new drivers by Becky Bedbug (bookmarked since I'm still trying to pass my test)
Stjepan Sejic a Croatian comic book artist who is a) amazingly talented and b) draws Wonder Woman with an actual amazonian warrior figure. I love it!
Mental Health services are important (American but the message is relevant here too)

Smiles Courtesy of…

Vikings! I only just started watching it, I’m on season two already and Lagertha and Ragnar are my new king and queen. I don’t know who’s hair I love more either! Oh and I dislike Aslaug intensely. (no spoilers guys!)
Getting back into creative writing. It makes me happy. I’m taking prompts at my tumblr, especially reader inserts.
Cherries! I’ve been eating loads of them lately. They’re brilliant.

5 Fandom Friday - Five Fictional Vehicles I'd Love To Travel In

1. Baby (Chevvy 67 Impala, from Supernatural)
2. The DeLorean (from Back to the Future)
3. The Starship Enterprise
5. The Bentley (from Good Omens)

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