Friday, 7 August 2015

Weekly Wrap Up vol. 3

Awesomeness Around The Web

Productive Ways to Blog Without Blogging from Becky Bedbug. For those days when you have complete writers block or you just don't want to blog.
Flash Ignite collection from Shiro. I have already bought a couple of shades from this, because I did enjoy League when I used to play. And also because Shiro made a shadow for Cho'Gath and he and Kog Maw are two of my favourites (that I sucked at playing). OMNOMNOMNOM.
Things to do on a rainy day. We have had far too mnay of them here in Bolton. So this list os completely relevant to my interests.
This video is so cute, I have never seen a grown man so excited about cereal. Also the Project UROK videos are all awesome, watch them.

Smiles Courtesy of…

♥ The version of VLC Player I’m currently using is called Rincewind. It’s the little things.
♥ Parks & Recreation. I’m so behind having just started watching this, but damnit it’s awesome :D
♥ The redband Deadpool trailer. Because Deadpool just 'aint Deadpool if it's not packed with swearing and innuendo.

5 Fandom Friday : Favorite Fanfic

Hot damn this is a GREAT one for me. I am a fanfiction whore. (Full disclosure – my ship to end all ships is Sam/Gabriel from Supernatural, I’ll try not to make it five of those though.) Tread carefully where fics are concerned, they may lean towards the graphically NSFW and probably NSFL. Mostly Supernatural fanfics, it’s been a while since I read too much else and lets be honest SPN is one of my biggest fandoms, also the one I ship for most and aside from reader inserts (I am twelve at heart damnit) I read my fanfic for my ships.

1.    Antimony Heart by mia6363 read it on AO3 .
The night Gabriel sat down across from him, Sam had been looking for life’s answers in a stained napkin.”
Fireworks, Sabriel, and an AU. What more could I want.

2.  The Sam and Loki are Roommates Verse by Lise read it on AO3
What it says on the tin. College AU, essentially, primarily featuring Loki and Sam living together and managing to get along, mostly. To the amazement of all. Warnings where relevant, as this series has an unnerving tendency to get alarmingly dark.

3.  We Found Love In A Hopeless Place by Tales From Perdition read it on AO3  
“Dean and Sam Winchester struggle to survive when their alcoholic father abandons them. Castiel Novak has turned to drugs in his own father's absence. As their lives spiral out of control, can their new friendship save them, or will it be a catalyst for destruction?”
Definite warnings on this one, for not only sex but also drugs, alcohol and abuse. It’s dark but sweet, and probably one of my all time favourite fics. I would buy the book of this fic.

4.   Culture and Other Balls of Twine by LithiumDoll read it on AO3
“Okay, I realize this could appear to be poorly conceived - to those of limited vision - but what you have to understand is, I’ve actually just had the greatest, most outstanding idea ever.” Tony’s eyes searched heavenward and then he nodded soberly. “Yes, I believe history will consider this my triumph.”
Okay so funny!deep fics are one of my fic weaknesses, this one captures the characters amazingly well and has a deep message all while making me laugh. It’s awesome okay?

5.   no church in the wild by amosanguis read it on AO3
“ “It can’t be done,” they tell him.
“It shouldn’t be done,” he says, then he looks down at the egg, listens to the sounds coming from the inside, “but that’s never stopped us before.” ”
Current favourite, all of the raptor squad love.

Honourable mention for In The Lethe by teaandchess read it on AO3Meg's death was final. She was to remain in a strange place of peace and forgetfulness until the darkness of her soul could be cleansed and renewed. Until something begins to tear her from it and the consequences slowly become more than any could imagine.” Because good Megstiel fics are hard to find and this is beautiful.

Bonus podfic (as it needs to be in podfic format to be appreciated fully): Temporal Tornado by novembersmith, read by RevolutionaryJo and Lunate8 on AO3

I have more recs here that I totally need to update. Oops.

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