Monday, 10 August 2015

Photo Bomb: New York pt 2 - Central Park and Empire State

Continuing from the last post, here are yet more photos from my New York trip - Central Park and the Empire State Building. This is very pic heavy so it's behind a cut, and again I'm afraid these were all taken using my (slightly smashed) mobile, mostly the pictures came out great but some of the zoomed in ones aren't as fancy. I hope you can enjoy them anyway.

First up these are pictures from the morning we spent in Central Park, on a day when the weather was actually pretty decent, which just made all the greenery so much better!

The horses pulling the carriages were all so decked out and pretty, shame the rides were so freaking expensive! You could easily have spent $100+ on a very short ride in one.

I think this place was called the plaza, either way it was beautiful and I think if the weather had been even nicer this would have been an amazing place to sit and read and lounge about in the sun. 

More horses. I have about fifty more photos of horses, I'm a pony person.

You could hire out the little boats, they were electronic and people were steering them with these little motor boxes like electric cars. It was pretty awesome, though we never actually went to look at the price or anything - everything in New York costs too much ;)

 An Alice in Wonderland statue, not 100% sure why they have one since if memory serves Lewis Carroll lived near my hometown. It was cool though.

A Cleopatra's needle imitation. Look at that blue sky!

And now for the view from the Empire State Building, the 86th floor of it anyway. You can go up to the 102nd for a bit extra, but the 86th is the main observation deck. We actually climbed the last 6 or so floors, it was way quicker than queueing for the lift!

You can see the park here, a little speck of green in all the grey.

 Hey look, it's the Chrysler Building!

Look how flipping tall the new World Trade center is! And you can just make out the Statue of Liberty in the harbour if you squint a little.

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