Friday, 21 August 2015

Weekly Wrap Up vol 5

Hey guys. Sorry for the shortness of this one this week, it’s been a pretty rough week with some personal and family related issues going on. Plus a lot of stress with uni, naturally. Hopefully next week things will start to ease off a bit and I can spend this weekend working on backlogging some draft posts instead of panicking over uni work. Hope the rest of you are having a good week!

Awesomeness Around The Web

Is reply to every comment really necessary?  Spoilers: no, no it isn’t
What no one tells you about growing up.. Adulting is hard and it sucks.
★ Another from Tea Party Beauty, I don't even like children. It’s good to see other people who don’t want kids speaking about it. Especially since right now I feel like everyone and their Aunt Fanny around me is getting married and popping out sprogs.
Windows: God Mode  may be THE most useful post you read all year. No joke.
This amazing Superpowers poster (the whole site it amazing to be honest)

Smiles Courtesy of…

♥ Beetroot. Not even joking, I’m obsessed right now. I will beetroot all the things.
♥ Finally handing in my second year submission. It’s a big piece of work that means I can re-enrol and hopefully escape getting erroneously charged for council tax again.

5 Fandom Friday : Crossovers That Would Cause My Heart to Explode

1. Supernatural/Constantine – John and the Winchesters would be awesome together. Pluse they could all get drunk and bond over all their friends being dead. They’d probably try to one up each other on it too. I reckon John would win. Yep, it would be an epic crossover.
2. Doctor Who/Discworld – 12’s Sarcasm vs Vimes. Yes. With Vetinari (because) and a cameo from Rincewind, who I think would just be amazing humour on the side and the Doctor wouldn’t even know what to do with him or the luggage.
3. Deadpool/Suicide Squad – this one is 99% because I’d love to see Wade and Harley team up, not only do I think that would be one of the most hilarious and bloody partnerships ever but I also think they’d maybe be a pretty awesome couple.
4. Welcome To Night Vale/ALL THE THINGS. Though a WtNV/SPN crossover would be hilarious, or a Welcome to Night Vale/Cthulhu Mythos crossover, since the WtNV stuff has such a Lovecraftian Eldritch Abomination feel to it already. OMG that would be amazing.
5. Good Omens/Harry Potter. Or Discworld/Harry Potter. But I feel like I want much more GO stuff. Because why would you not?

This was really hard. I like reading crossovers of all shapes and sizes, but I don’t have many I’m super attached to, if that makes sense?

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