Monday, 28 January 2013

Review: Kit Kat Chunky Champion Coconut

So today I tried one of the new Kit Kat Chunky Champion bars (that's a mouthful and a half in itself) in Coconut. I've tried the Hazlenut before, and that's quite nice, but since I had a bit of a rough one today and I'm starting voluntary work tomorrow which is terrifying I thought I'd treat myself. The original plan was a naughty eyeshadow purchase, but then it started raining and I didn't have enough for the bus and an eyeshadow. So Kit Kat it was.

Anyway, on to the review.

So this is described as a "crispy wafer finger covered with coconut flavour milk chocolate" which is pretty much accurate. I'm not usually a massive fan of Chunkys, though I do have the odd Peanut Butter one (last years Chunky Champion), they're a bit heavy and massive for me, but this has a good proportion of wafer compared to the non-plain versions which usually have a layer of flavoured creme at the top.
I chose the coconut as I quite like Bountys from time to time and thought another coconut chocolate would be an interesting experience.
You can certainly smell the Coconut when you open it, and you can taste it in the chocolate too. Obviously it isn't as strong as a Bounty, but as those are made with an actual core of coconut I think Kit Katcan be forgiven. I think it probably would have been even cooler if the filling between the wafers was also coconut flavoured, but maybe it's overkill.
Another bonus is that at 246 calories this is lower in calories than most of it's competitors (the Mint is also 246 and another I'm keen to try), something to note if you care about that sort of thing where Kit Kat Chunkys are involved.

Overall this was a really tasty bar, and if you like coconut and chocolate I'd definitely recommend giving it a try. I do want to have the Mint one before I'd re-buy this though (and I still miss the Orange one from last year :()

Something completely different there for you all to enjoy!
So have any of you guys tried the new Kit Kats yet? And which is your favourite?

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  1. I love this one,

    best friend rates the chocolate fudge one though.

    Meh, coconut for me! x


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