Friday, 15 February 2013

Friday Favourites

Blog Love:

Other Things I've Been Loving This Week:

  • My birthday indie orders being shipped! I know this means I still have another week or so until delivery (maybe more) but it's so exciting.
  • Organising and DIY – Im half way through DIY-ing a pair of makeup brush & liquid eyeliner holders from some old Glade candle jars and I've been organising my polishes using a tip from A Thrifty Mrs
  • CyberCandy I'm almost finished eating the amazing Australian Freddos I bought from them in Camden and I'm so tempted to buy more. Seriously, Cadbury UK need to bring the Strawberry and 100's and 1000's ones over here too. Plus, it's always fun to look at the weird and wonderful sweets and chocolates from around the world (or is that just me?)
  • The Nerdist
  • There's an Asteroid heading over earth tonight!


  • Irate customers! I don't like phones at the best of times and on Wednesday I had a very angry man having a go at me (and then he went on to the manager) down one because the British Heart Foundation Collection Driver had turned up before 10:30 when he said he'd be in from. We don't organise the driver's schedules, that's their own thing, we just put in requests for certain customers to be early/have certain times and we can't guarentee anything. 
  • Things going out of stock almost as soon as they come back in – I'm talking to you ELF Studio powder brush!
  • Dentists and the fact I can't open my mouth properly and everything tastes of anaesthetic. I don't like dentists at the best of times but most especially when it involves a filling close to a nerve. It hurt regardless of the anaesthetic he pumped into my face :( *wuss*

Welp, that's my complaining over! I hope everyone has had a wonderful Friday, I need to finish this organisation and start editing more posts. Lots to do before I head over to my Grandad's to watch the Rugby with everyone *cough*read my book*cough*. My life is very exciting honest ;)

What are you all up to this lovely Friday evening? Excited about the Asteroid?

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