Friday, 15 March 2013

Friday Favourites

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Other Things I've Been Loving

  • Finding new music via youtube, this week I discovered Falling In Reverse . The lead singer is the old lead from Escape The Fate whom I loved as a teenager (Ronnie Radke). I also found out just who We Are The In Crowd are and discovered The Used have a new album out. Living under a rock doesn't even cover it here!
  • Eyelene false lashes – these are super cheap (~£2.50 - £3) ones I've seen in Asda. Finally picked them up and I'm in love. They're easy to apply and don't look too plasticy or anything. It's starting to look like my local Asda is getting rid of them though :(, they're on offer and sold out ones aren't being restocked. Damn you Asda!

Things I Don't Love So Much:

I've been missing Cosplaying and getting dressed up and going to gigs a lot recently. The live music most especially since seeing there were Biffy Clyro tickets left for the MEN show and I'm rather pathetically too scared to go to the MEN alone.

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