Saturday, 16 March 2013

Weekend Wishlist : Going Green

2. Barry M Touch Of Magic Lip Paint not strictly green but something I've been intreagued with for forever (seriously, like 6 years at least now!)
3. Barry M Spring Green Nail Paint a pretty bright green
4.FUN Soap from LUSH : You can play with it in the shower/bath, as an adult.Yes I am still a child deep down =P
5. New Breed Girl "What The Duck?" Top well, it's green? And cuuute :). I'm a sucker for rude but not rude clothing, like the older David & Goliath stuff (Spooning Leads To Forking is still my favourite top in the world ever)

 Anything catch your eye? Or any greens you've been lusting after?


  1. The touch of magic lipstick - go for it!! I have it & love it, it's such fun & so intriguing, why does acidic make it one tone & alkaline another? Novel & generally it means it's always a different shade whenever you wear it.

    I love green - adore it & must confess to also having that nail polish - not to self should probably shop less!! x

    1. Ooh, I should investigate the science behind that lipstick *nerd*. I think I will have to pick one up soon :)


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