Thursday, 18 April 2013

10 Day You Challenge: 8 Fears

1. Bugs and spiders. They just have way too many legs.

2. Change. I don't cope well with change, especially big changes.

3. Getting old. I'm scared of developing memory problems like my grandparents, I'm scared of not being able to do things for myself. Being elderly is a terrifying prospect.

4. Being back to where I was as a teenager. I was originally going to write getting fat again, but it's the associations with being friendless and bullied and stuff that scare me more than any weight gain [though I have a special brand of crazy that contributes to that particular shallow fear]

5. Speaking of which, I'm scared of being crazy for the rest of my life. Multiple years of crazy and therapists and stuff... I'm still crazy. Bah.

6. Pregnancy. Carrying any kind of sproglet = nopenopenope.

7. Never being good enough.

8. Heights. Well, more the falling aspect. Anything that seems even vaguely precarious and I'm terrified. I went up the CN Tower once, my sister thought the glass floor was amazing, I nearly cried. I don't do ladders either, or standing on stools. Horrible wobbly badness.

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