Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Victorian Disco Swatches Part Deux

Second half of my Victorian Disco order, glitters and a couple extras [including two very kindly given free samples].
Swatch photos are taken in daylight and all shades are swatched over pixie epoxy. Descriptions are taken from the Victorian Disco website.

Barrett - Tealish Blue Glitter Dust

SCAR-H - Bright Blue Glitter

UAV - White Base with Gold, Silver and Brass Flecks

WA-ZOOOOO! - Green and Light Green Glitter Mix

Clones - Dusty Purple with Purple and Turquoise Flecks
Yeah, so I see blue not purple, but this is gorgeous anyway

My Feels [free sample] - Bright sky blue with purple duochrome

I'm 100 Years Older Than You, But It's Okay! [free sample] - Deepened plum with turquoise sparkles and a slight shifting red-green sheen.
Victorian Disco swatch pictures are a million miles better than mine, but you can see the black base whereI blended it out a little.

Barrett, Wa-Zooooo! and I'm 100 Years Older Than You... are my favourites. What do you guys think?

Shop is closed until the 11th May, but everything you see here can be purchased from Victorian Disco online store.
Full Sizes are $5.50 Minis are $2.25 Samples are $1.25

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