Friday, 27 December 2013

Favourite Products & Brands of 2013

First in my line up of 2013 favourites round ups, my favourite products and brands of the last year. I've provided links to reviews and swatches where I can.

  1. Collection 2000 Extreme Liner & Glam Crystals liner. The Extreme 24hr liner in black is my everyday go to liner, it's easy to use and highly pigmented giving a near-perfect black line every time. Great when I'm in a rush, since I think my liquid liner skills need help. Granted it isn't waterproof, but it also doesn't stain like some of its coloured counterparts. The Glam Crystals are my favourite way to add a little, or a lot, of sparkle to a look.  Glam Crystals swatches
  2. Barry M nail polishes are always a winner for me and this year they've released some utter stunners, especially the Gellys and amazing Crystal Glaze. While I'm not a fan of textured polishes, the swatches I've seen of some of the latest releases, especially Countess, have been slowly luring me in. swatches here
  3. Indie eyeshadows! I discovered indies this year and since then I've been hooked, well over 100 samples have found their way into my collection. I don't have a problem, honest... Top brands for me this year have been Shiro here, Victorian Disco here & Darling Girl here
  4. Primers! Favourites for me have been the cult favourite Urban Decay Primer [I have Eden] and from the Indies Kiss My Sass's primer [though I haven't restocked since after the reformulation so this is subject to change]. And not a primer, but a sticky base that I just can't be without the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. It really makes colours look amazing, and glitter sticks!
  5. Layla Holographic polishes. Linear holographic polishes with a really strong holo bend at a reasonable price. Enough said. swatches here
  6. ELF lock and seal. I owe you all a post singing the praises of this. I was trying to make my own mixing medium so I could use my pigments as liners, but always managed to end up with a lovely transfer line on my eyelid. But with this? None of that mess happens. It sets solid for the whole day, so now I can have hundreds of eyeliner shades! It also sets glitter into place if I'm applying it second whereas my pixie epoxy can lift my eyeshadow colour if I apply a second layer.
  7. Maybelline Colour Tattoo are a quick fix lifesaver. They really do last for ages, can be used as a base if I haven't got primer to hand [though I am a little bitter the matte beige shade from Autumn in the US never made it over here, perfect base right there!] as well as coming in a range of gorgeous shades for quick lasting eyeshadow if I don't want to mess about with pigments and brushes and such. Seriously a winner for me this year. swatches

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  1. Buy Countess! Seriously, love <3 lol. I have a quiet grudge against Barry m cos the gellys look amazing but hats my nails but I will forgive all in this case lol. X


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