Friday, 9 May 2014

Friday Favourites

Blog Love:

  • A little quirky but absolutley beautiful, I love the rainbow effect going on in The Dainty Squid's post of lighters found on the beach
  • Since summer is fast approaching and it's warming up (she says after being soaked on the way home three days running) it's time to stock up on that all important SPF. If you're overwhelmed by the vast number of choices out there Beautiful with Brains has a guide on things you should look for when buying sunscreen
  • I am a glitter fiend. I'd wear it to work every day if I could (I did at christmas in fact). I also have a massive spot in my heart for the “emo kid” music I listened to in high school and college. These beautiful Glamour Doll Eyes glitter tubes as swatched by Toxid Lotus combine the two. What's not to love?
  • Alternatives to Limecrime lipsticks in case you're put off by the companies not-so-rosy past or in search of some more affordable options (I may get hate here but I'm a bit of both, Limecrime is expensive guys!)
  • MakeupSavvy shaved her face kind of a odd idea, but actually also makes tonnes of sense and apparently works well!
  • As someone who is more often than not slightly inebriated in order to remain in a room of people and do more than hide in a corner and try my damndest not to speak to or make eye contact with ANYONE this post from The Agoraphobic Fashionista on mistaking social anxiety for snobbery really resonated with me. (I don't claim to have an anxiety disorder by the way, people just make me nervous and I'm shy and introverted as all hell).

Other things I've been loving this week:


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