Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Goth Annie

I'm taking part in the Dark Side of Beauty Monthly Challenge again! Well, when I saw it was League of Legends related I couldn't really say no. Admittedly I haven't played any games in a long time but I did enjoy it back in uni and I do like the aesthetics, even if most of the female champions suffer from female game character syndrome (unrealistic figures and extremely revealing outfits).

The character for week 1 is Goth Annie. Annie being the champion and Goth Annie being one of the available for purchase skins, which got a visual upgrade not so long ago as she was one of the original characters and as such had some very basic graphics. I have played Annie as a character fairly often, and she's immense fun, her ultimate can be pretty lethal - darned bear!

In the time shortly before the League, there were those within the sinister city-state of Noxus who did not agree with the evils perpetrated by the Noxian High Command. The High Command had just put down a coup attempt from the self-proclaimed Crown Prince Raschallion, and a crack down on any form of dissent against the new government was underway. These political and social outcasts, known as the Gray Order, sought to leave their neighbors in peace as they pursued dark arcane knowledge. The leaders of this outcast society were a married couple: Gregori Hastur, the Gray Warlock, and his wife Amoline, the Shadow Witch. Together they led an exodus of magicians and other intelligentsia from Noxus, resettling their followers beyond the Great Barrier to the northern reaches of the unforgiving Voodoo Lands. Though survival was a challenge at times, the Gray Order's colony managed to thrive in a land where so many others would have failed.Years after the exodus, Gregori and Amoline had a child: Annie. Early on, Annie's parents knew there was something special about their daughter. At the age of two, Annie miraculously ensorcelled a shadow bear - a ferocious denizen of the petrified forests outside the colony - turning it into her pet. To this day she keeps her bear ''Tibbers'' by her side, often keeping him spellbound as a stuffed doll to be carried like a child's toy. The combination of Annie's lineage and the dark magic of her birthplace have given this little girl tremendous arcane power. It is this same girl who now finds herself as one of the most sought-after champions within the League of Legends - even by the city-state that would have exiled her parents had they not fled beforehand. via League of Legends
(I do love that her last name is Hastur, Lovecraft references <3)

Used: Barry M Kohl pencil in Black glitter as a base over the entire lid, lipline and for the liner on the lower lid. Victorian Disco Halloween Town over the liner as a black shadow. Black Rose Minerals Unicorn in the center of the lid with Victorian Disco Riot Shield glitter patted over it (kept in place using Darling Girl Glitter Glue). Center lip colour was Shiro Cosmetics Yo Dawg.

As you may have guessed I took inspiration from the makeup Annie herself wears, with a bit extra glowy purple to add a little pzazz,


  1. Ah yay you did this look :D It looks freaking awesome <3333

    1. Thank you :) it was so much fun and made me really want to get back into playing LoL


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