Sunday, 5 October 2014

A to Z of Me: B

This week it's time for the letter B! No set of images this week I'm afraid, sorry guys but I'm going through packing up last minute for an equally last minute work conference in Croatia and time is a premium. I still have the list though!

Bolton – this is where I am doing my PhD, admittedly it's not my favourite place in the whole world (far from it) and I could ramble about the University and it's flaws for a while, but they gave me a chance when I shouldn't really have one (heck, I don't even have a masters!) and it's home for now. Or where I live for now, I don't think I could really call it home.

Broccoli – I love broccoli, I will eat massive plates full of the stuff no problem. And I'll eat it for days on end. It's my favourite part of cooked meals on the weekend. Yes I'm a total weirdo, I don't even care.

Books – I have enjoyed reading and books for as long as I can remember, I remember reading The Hobbit back in Primary School and not wanting to do any actual work because the book was better. Surprising I made it really! And my mum used to get so frustrated with me on holiday when I got a bit older (or the weather was bad) because instead of playing in the sea or on the beach I used to read and I'd go through six or seven books, usually I'd only take one or two so we always ended up buying more. I don't get to read nearly as much as I'd like to now, as I don't have long train journeys to use up time on and with work, the gym and blogging my reading time suffers. It's a shame but I am slowly plugging my way through books.

Barry M – Barry M was one of the first makeup brands I started buying with my own money and is probably one of my first addictions, they're still my biggest go-to brand for nail varnish. I really should count the number of Barry M bottles I have, I imagine it's kind of crazy!

Beauty – Kind of an obvious one I guess, but let's face it beauty and makeup have been a big part of my life in the last few years. Well, since college really (when I first started properly experimenting with makeup). I started fairly late, I wore some really dodgy eyeliner and concealer when I was 13 but never really cared much until college. I wish I had some pictures from back in the day, it wasn't great, but I feel like I've improved. It may not be super impressive MUA levels of skill but it's a lot better than badly applied neon green eyeshadow and wonky liner! 

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  1. Barry m! <3..... I'm very tempted to steal this tag I'm finding it very interesting. Oh, btw, it's mental health awareness day next Friday (10th Oct). Also I dreamt about your blog the other day is that weird/creepy? (Um, yes! Sorry lol).
    And this comment is the perfect example of why I never comment on blogs!! x


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