Monday, 6 October 2014

Autumn Wishlist

So the Autumn is truly upon us, I keep trying to fool myself into thinking it's still summer but alas the longer sleeves have been creeping in and the coat is more often on than off. What better to stave off the cold-season blues than putting together a wishlist? Or perhaps two, one for beauty (because of course) and one for wardrobe shopping I will likely never do.


1. Halloween indie collections. I love checking out the indie releases this time of year. Okay so maybe there's usually several Nightmare Before Christmas themed sets (though the one Shiro puts out every year which I swatched a few shades from last year is pretty awesome, I still love Zero) but there's also several really creative and interesting themes. I loved Daarling Girl's last year. So far this year the only one I really really want to buy is Aromaleigh's Diavoli Collection , Dante's Inferno is beautiful and this collection is so stunning. Duochromes and shifty shades will get me every time. Now I just need to work out how to get it to the UK as the Aromaleigh site doesn't show an international shipping option at checkout.
2. Barry M's A/W releases. So far I've only seen swatches of the new Aquarium and Gelly shades, but knowing Barry there will be more and in the end I'll have to ask for a bunch for Christmas. Right now (ie. Until they release more and the list grows) my picks are Chai and Cardamom from the Gellys and the stunning Pacifica from the Aquarium. Barry M Nails
3. Essie For The Twill of It. Duochromes on nails get me just as easily as duochromes on eyes, and this is a gorgeous one/ At Nail Polish Direct here
4. NYX Wicked Lipsticks. Unusual colours in non-pastel shades? A price point that I can actually afford without crying? I think I need all of them. At NYX here.
5. Common Brimstone perfumes. Common Brimstone is a UK based indie perfumerie, which is awesome for several reasons. Mostly because there are little to no UK based indie cosmetics companies out there (I can think of three off the top of my head and I think one of those is actually shut) but also because of reasonable shipping and avoiding customs charges reasons. For the Autumn season I have my eye on the Halloween Vampire Hunters Kit, Oshun, Grave Digger and Bonfire Night perfume oils and the Toffee Apple Tea solid.


1. Halloweeny clothes! Halloween is my favourite holiday, and I love that spooky appropriate gear has started making it's way onto the high street. This gorgeous spiderweb elbow patch jumper from ASOS is one I spotted.
2. Platform Boots. I suck at wearing heels, they hurt my feet and I don't like that given how far I walk in a day. But they look awesome. So chunky heeled platform boots are totally the way forwards, plus boots are the best shoes for when the weather starts to turn and the rain and chill set in. Platforms double this awesome because they keep you even further out of the puddles. These crocodile print platform boots are perhaps not the most appropriate for walking, but they look awesome, whereas these gorgeous H&M chunky platform boots would be comfy AND look great. I kinda really want them.
3. Oversize Jumpers. Layers are key as the temperatures get more unstable and I'm all about the comfort factor, and the snuggling up in a cosy hug of clothing factor. Big baggy oversize jumpers are totally perfect for that and I'm really loving this longline sweater tunic from Matalan. The patches on the shoulders add a little something extra cool.
4. Longline Cardigans. Noticing a theme with the length of my layers? Yeah I like long things that go down past my butt. It makes me a pain in the backside to buy for because most things seem to stop around belly height. This cosy chunky knit longline cardigan from ASOS is a lovely warm looking pick though.
5. A Warm Coat! The biggest cool weather essential there is! I am a sucker for a good looking coat. The girly stereotype might be handbags and shoes, but if you swapped that out for boots and coats I would be 110% with you. Honestly I could fill a wardrobe with them given the chance. The Necessary Evil Ceres Coat is pretty much everything I want in a winter coat.

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