Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Red Liner (inspired by Sharon Farrell)

Ever since I saw this really awesome looking use of red eyeliner  by Sharon Farrell (who, fyi is a really awesome makeup artist and you should all go subscribe to her youtube channel here) I really wanted to give it a go. Red isn't a colour you ever really think to use as a liner (outside of creative artsy looks) but actually it looks amazing. Since I have a much underloved burgundy eyeshadow I finally put it to use.

Used: Shiro Heart Attack as eyeliner, Kiss My Sass Meteor in the crease, Detrivore Autopsy over the lid. Eyeko skinny liner to define the eye and add a bit of a darker line (in place of the false lashes Sharon used).

Really the main focus here is the liner, and Heart Attack is an utterly beautiful colour.  

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