Sunday, 12 October 2014

A to Z of Me: C

Chemistry. Chemistry was my degree subject, it's also one of the basis subjects for my PhD so as you can imagine it's a huge part of my life. My mum also did her degree in Chemistry and works in a Chemistry based field (with fire), you could say it's in my blood.

Cold. I am perma cold, I think perhaps my blood is made of ice or something. Seriously I was wearing a hoodie and a leather jacket in San Fransisco in JUNE a couple of years ago. My hands also have really terrible circulation, leading to them being cold, semi-numb and a little blue frequently over the winter months.

Colourful Hair. I'm becoming somewhat known for my colourful hair in my office, and in general really. I think it's only been totally my natural colour (or a dyed version close enough to my natural colour to cover up the brightness last minute) two or three times in the past 6 or so years, maybe longer. Job hunting was a depressing and dull time in my life haha. I will feel like a part of me is missing when it comes down to dying it normal again after my PhD is over.

Comfort. This is why I will never be stylish, I value being comfortable far too much. Yes I like my skinny jeans, but those I buy are either a little too big or super stretchy, and I'm often wearing a comfy warm hoodie as opposed to whatever looks the best. It's also why a large percentage of my shoes are boots or skate shoes and not high heels (which I utterly adore the look of but just don't feel great in). There are reasons I'm a beauty blogger not a fashion blogger.

Conventions. I'll be at one next weekend! I really enjoy conventions, I've met some awesome friends there and no matter what drama might happen while travelling or even while I'm there I also come away with a massive smile on my face and bouncing off the walls telling everyone how amazing it was. I think they may forever be one of my biggest sources of spending.

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  1. nothing bad with wearing confi clothes and even more when is cold


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