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Favourite Autumnal Coppers and Golds

With metallics being a big trend this A/W and copper and gold both being wonderfully seasonal colours (they remind me of the changing colours of the leaves ) I thought I would share some of my favourite indie copper and gold eyeshadows. Some of the coppers lean a little more red than many but they're such gorgeous shades reminiscent of leaves that I couldn't not.

Swatches are done over primer on the left and pixie epoxy on the right and photographed in natural light. I've linked to the individual shadows on the company websites wherever I can, I do apologise for the discontinued shades that I included but c'est la vie. You may be able to purchase discontinued shades over on indiemakeupandmore on reddit (or occasionally makeupexchange) or blog sales. If anyone knows any other places then please do give me a heads up!

My choices for coppers are mostly from Victorian Disco. I'm not sure whether this means I really love their copper shades or whether I've just ordered the most coppery eyeshadows from Ashley, either way she has some simply stunning shades. The four shades I picked for my copper picks are Victorian Disco Why Is It Always You Three? from the new House Points collection, Victorian Disco Godric from the now discontinued old House Points collection, Victorian Disco Hero Class from the Azeroth collection (this shade is discontinued), and one eyeshadow from Geek Chic Cosmetics which is Antequarian from the now discontinued Strange Aeons collection (I am gutted they're gone and I missed grabbing a few full sizes while the shadows were on clearance). Apologies for all the discontinued shades, I didn't quite realise while I was choosing them how many were!

Victorian Disco Why is it Always You Three? - Light caramel-golden taupe with a strong red sheen. 
It's the red sheen which makes this colour more coppery, though this shade does lean towards the more gold side. I like this as an inner corner shade or on slightly subtler days as an all over lid wash.

Victorian Disco Godric - Rust red with a golden sheen and shimmer.
This is a shade which leans a lot more towards the red shade of the spectrum, a bright shiny copper reminiscent of the pots hanging in old victorian kitchens. Or at least that's what this reminds me of, I'm really trying to get a lot more wear out of this shade, I do love it. 

Victorian Disco Hero Class - Deep copper with a golden sheen and copper sparkles. 
The pixie epoxy really brings out the red copper in this. It's a stunning shade, reminds me of copper pennies and wire. It's a gorgeous outer corner and crease shade, and one I sometimes use for my brows. 

Geek Chic Antequarian - awesome glowing copper with gold iridescence and sparkle
This is probably one of my favourite eyeshadows, next time I see someone selling one on IMAM I'm grabbing it no matter what. This is a stunning dark copper that I use for almost everything, crease, all over lid, brows, it's just so beautiful. You can see the sparkle too, I just love it.

These are the golds. I've got a good range of them, so hopefully one of these would tickle your fancy. And thankfully only one discontinued! The golds I chose are Shiro Slave 23 from the Fullmetal Collection, Shiro Cornucopia from the Tributes collection, Victorian Disco Sailor Galaxia from the Sailor Scouts collection and Geek Chic Antediluvian from the sadly discontinued Strange Aeons collection.

Shiro Slave 23 -  A sheer wash of gold loaded with golden and silver sparkle. 
This is a beautiful fairly subtle colour, albeit one loaded with sparkle. I've used this as an all over lid shade during the christmas period but most frequently I use it as an inner corner or center lid highlight. It's lip safe and makes a pretty sparkle over lipstick too.

Shiro Cornucopia - Bright, bold yellow with strong golden shimmer.
This is a gorgeous bright shade, maybe it's a little summery but it cheers me up and that's perfect for when the skies start to get greyer and darker and the weather all goes downhill.

Victorian Disco Sailor Galaxia  Deep molten gold.
Molten gold is the perfect description for this colour, it's just so beautiful. Honestly I'm half-drooling just looking at the swatch, this shadow is so beautiful.

Geek Chic Antediluvian -  burnished, antique gold with bronze tones and multi-colored sparkle
Another shadow that I wish I had a full size of. I love this colour, and it makes for a perfect outer corner and crease colour to give a metallic smoky eye. Or a more subtle but still interesting liner.

Are you a fan of the metallics trend? And what are some of your favourites?

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  1. Oh my god, what stunning colours! The salve and why is it always you three are stunning. Do I need more metallic golds and browns in my collection? Of course I do!

    Corinne x


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