Friday, 10 October 2014

Friday Favourites

Blog Love:

  • I didn't realise Darling Girl had released their Halloween collection! But these swatches by Phyrra are gorgeous, I really love the look of That's A Big Twinkie, There is no Dana and Melancholia.
  • I already knew I wanted Aromaleigh's Diavoli collection, part one and part 2 of the collection swatches over at IndieKnow have totally cemented that for me.
  • Because not everyone (okay, very few of us) will have a science based background, and even people who do probably haven't ever come across half the words used in skincare products before Lab Muffin produced a really hand list of skincare ingredient pronunciations
  • October is Stoptober (stop smoking) so Corrine over at Skinned Cartree shared how she quit in a really great and not holier-than-thou post. I recommend reading if you're taking the challenge this year.

Other things I've been loving this week:

  • Femme Fatale have recently lowered their international shipping rates by around 50%! That's awesome!
  • Croatia. I had a conference in Croatia and it was beautiful there, sadly I hardly got any sightseeing done but Dubrovnik was so nice. I'll post some of my photos some time soon :)


  • The Bones and Castle season openers and the Under the Dome season finale, none of them were amazing to me... I've been half hate watching UtD most of the summer (sorry!) and there's not much else on, but Bones and Castle... boo! I just wish I didn't feel so invested in the shows.
  • Being beyond broke. It's mostly my own fault, I never banked on the number of expenses I'd have this month, but having to book a load of stuff last minute for uni and then having them screw up my enrollment so I ended up paying council tax hasn't helped. Over 70% of my money went on uni and bills payment this month, plus 10-15% on unexpected extra travel and driving lessons and um... that mini spending spree I went on without thinking? I am firmly in the red. Oops.
  • Fly infestation. While I was away there was a leak into my flat, Landlord sorted it no problem. The problem was the bowl of disgusting stagnant water I came back to in my sink and the corresponding massive host of little flies (fruit flies? Gosh knows). Not fun at 12:30 in the morning. Honestly I poured out the water and didn't do any proper sorting until the next day, which involved bleaching and fly-spraying the kitchen to within an inch of its life. Still waiting for the last of the little horrors to die, but it'll happen!

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