Monday, 6 April 2015

Notoriously Morbid Swatches

These swatches have been a long time coming, I ordered the first week of January pretty much as soon as the shop reopened (yes I was technically on a no buy, but this was one of my Christmas money buys and the shop was closed over Christmas, I did add an extra day to make up for it). I've had the eyeshadows and the swatches done for probably a month and a half, if not two months. I'm slow.

First off I have to talk about how awesome Notoriously Morbid and the owner (who's name completely escapes me) are. My order was all sample sizes but when it arrived not only did I have a GWP in mini size, AND it was the Black Friday order GWP despite my ordering in January, but THREE of my shadows were upgraded to mini size. I am floored with how kind and generous that is, and before anyone asks I never mentioned I was a blogger or anything. Not that I'm big or popular or anything, but worth mentioning for disclosure.

Anyway, rambling aside, on to the swatches. Or rather, part one of the swatches: my GWP and the three shadows I bought that weren't a part of the Winchester Gospels collection (Supernatural addict, me? Never!). Swatches are over Smashbox 24hr primer on the left (or top in the big pic) and Pixie Epoxy on the right (or bottom), and were photographed in natural daylight. Descriptions in italics are from the website.  

Notoriously Morbid 13 Black Rainbows

13 Black Rainbows - Inspired by the Type O Negative song "12 Black Rainbows" except we gave it one to grow on! A black matte with a crap load of rainbow glitter. You won't get tired of looking at this one.
Black with rainbow glitter? As if I could let this one go by without buying it, rainbow glitter is my weakness. Especially in a black base.

Notoriously Morbid Fierce Poison

Fierce Poison - An army green with a fiery red duo. This shadow is inspired by Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, aka Poison Ivy.
When I looked this shadow, and the whole villains collection, was no longer on the site. So my apologies if I'm sharing a discontinued colour, though you may well still see it come up in swaps/destash posts. Especially on /r/IMAM. This was one of the shadows that was upgraded to mini size for me.

Notoriously Morbid Garmonbozia

Garmonbozia - "It's the sustenance those in the hidden lodge feed on. It's your pain and sorrow." A creamy corn yellow with a chestnut undertone and a frigid blue shift. The more you blend, the more the chestnut undertone appears. If you are really into unique shades, this one is for you.
As you can see this one is a bit sheer with primer but the colour and glitter come out much more with a sticky base. Another of the mini size upgrades. This shadow is part of the Lost In The Lodge collection, inspired by Twin Peaks.

Notoriously Morbid Cermet & Paesh

Cermet & Paesh - GWP a cool toned deep silver with sparkles.
This was their Black Friday sale GWP, but I was lucky enough to get a mini jar sized one. Which is awesome, it's beautiful.

Shadow costs and sizes are as follows:
Sample 1/4 tsp in a baggie, $1.25
Mini 1/3 tsp in a jar, $2.75
Full 1/2 - 3/4 tsp in a jar, $5.50
Deluxe 1 - 1 1/4 tsp in a jar, $7.50

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  1. I'm too chicken to wear blacks, but wow love the other 3, they are stunning & totally shades I'd wear. Hmmm when I have more pennies I may be splurging.



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