Sunday, 10 May 2015

A to Z of Me: W


Walking – I walk pretty much everywhere, if I could actually walk everywhere I needed to go then I would never have started taking driving lessons. I'm not a fan of driving in the slightest (I'm both a massively nervous driver and passenger).

Weird Habits – everyone has them right? I have a few of my own, mostly food/eating related. I eat things “in order”, either least favourite to most favourite or by colour depending on what it is. For example skittles I eat in groups of colour, first one of each colour in a bunch then the remaining citrus’s in threes, then the “odd numbers” red first, green, yellow, purple and finally orange. Kit Kat’s I bite both ends off, then eat the chocolate, edges first then top. I’m weird with food. I also have my own mini-size cutlery that I always eat with. Non-food- I have volumes on a multiple of five or 11 and stop the microwave/timer at 5 or 1. I’m odd.

Warrington – this is where I was born and grew up and will forever and always be my home. Walking around there on the weekends still feels like I'd never left and I'm not 100% sure I want to. Not forever. I probably will have to for a job, but I'll miss it. It's the perfect combination of easy to reach shops and supermarkets and lovely green open spaces. I genuinely love my hometown (after having spent half my teenage years bitching about it, isn't that always the way).

Words – I like words. I like learning new ones, I like words from other languages, words are more often than not pretty to me. Or aesthetically/audibly pleasing. This is one of the many reasons I am signed up to the OED Word of the Day emails.

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who eats in order! I get quite upset if I can't follow it! x


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