Monday, 11 May 2015

March & April Empties

Listerine Advanced Defence and Colgate Cavity Protection – I actually had two bottles of mouthwash, regular mouth rinsing post extraction. It’s alcohol free so that’s cool. The toothpaste is whitening but given the tea I drink I couldn’t tell haha. They’re both much a muchness.
Nivea Stress Protect – MammafulZo got me buying this, it really does work well! Shame it’s so pricey though, makes rebuying a pain.
Vaseline Active Fresh – doesn’t work as well as the Nivea but was good for throwing in my bag for on to go and for after the gym since it’s much smaller and easier to transport.
Simple Soothing Toner and SPF 30 moisturiser – the toner was just one I was trying to use up, I used it in the morning to clean my face. My moisturisers mostly contain SPF, I quite liked this one, it was hydrating and didn’t leave me looking too greasy. Might well rebuy this one.
Aussie Miracle Moist – freebie from my aunt. I’m trying to stick to SLS free ones with my coloured hair and this kind of stripped my colour, did make my hair feel less dry though. Sadly not a repurchase.
This Works Sleep Spray – gift from my mum, she got it free on a plane or in a hotel or something. I struggle sleeping and this actually helped. Plus lavender is one of those scents I can only tolerate when I’m trying to sleep, mostly I dislike it.
There were also some Sainsbury cotton pads, they work same as any other cotton pads. Bit scratchy though, sadly :(

Barry M Dual Ended, some old pencil and Barry M Green Khol – the first two are just super old, the green is just too stiff to be of much use. Not a repurchase for any of them.
Collection 2000 white liner – decent if a bit smudgey, I do much prefer my rimmel liner.
Detrivore Embalming Tube Chai Tea – this was super moisturising and hydrating and smelled just amazing, but it was very oily and was a pain in the backside to apply. If it got warm it just melted like crazy and went everywhere.
NYC Applicious lip balm – I loved this, the colour was I think Big Apple Red and it gave my lips a lovely red tint. Plus it smelled delicious.
Chap Stick – general chap stick. Not much to say.
Eyeshadow samples: Black Rose Minerals Unicorn, Victorian Disco Zangermarsh, Darling Girl Turning Japanese and Sushi Flower, Meow Hieroglyph
Collection Super Size Mascara – I didn’t like this. I think there’s actually a fair bit left but I don’t want to wear it and it’s getting older, so in the bin it goes.
State of Grace Demonic Forces – this smelled gorgeous and I am totally repurchasing some time soon.
Conjure Oils Release The Bats and Tear You Apart – I liked these both, but they smelled much a muchness. Not a repurchase as these were decants and I believe limited editions.

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